Typical Pitches


I’ve been to my share of hackathons. In fact, it’s one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. Meeting, collaborating, building, sometimes arguing with others in an effort to build the maximum amount of economic value in the span of a single weekend.

Of the hackathons I have attended, Startup Weekends continue to be my favorite. These are usually better organized with a more formal time frame as well as a pitch-group-build-present format. With this framework in place, an environment is built for creativity, productivity, and collaboration.

Now that we have an environment, the next piece of the puzzle is the ideas themselves. I’ve put together a list of typical pitches I’ve seen in my experience as an avid hackathoner, for better or for worse.

The Dating Site

Everyone seems sure they can make a better dating app. A new, novel way of pairing up potential couples. Some matchmaking test surely blessed by cupid himself guaranteeing life-long companionship or your money back, some restrictions may apply.

The Small-Time Event and Friend Organizer App

Because group text messages aren’t interactive enough. Or if we just had the ability to pinpoint each of our friends on a Google Map. Or maybe if I could get access to everyone’s calendar and simply tell them where and when they need to be. Better yet, call them a taxi so they actually show up on time for once. Speaking of taxis…

The Taxi-Booking, Public Bus, Ride-Sharing All-In-One Transportation Station

My cell phone plan has 100 minutes per month, I can’t waste those precious minutes calling a taxi! I don’t even have the phone numbers of everyone heading to Madison next weekend and would be willing to split the cost of gas.

The Bar and Restaurant Modernizer

Maybe it’s an iPad people-counter app for bar bouncers, or it’s a solution to the age-old PDF online restaurant menus. Either way, food is a big part of life and ain’t nobody got time to make it ourselves, so lets build something restaurant owners will fork out big dollars for. How hard could it be to sell to restaurant owners? Right?

The Personal Organizing, Goal Oriented, Lifelong Todo List

The first step to being productive is to make a list of goals for what might help you be more productive so your production can produce. Dawg?

All sarcasm and joking aside, Startup Weekend is an amazing opportunity to get out, meet others, and accomplish something. Building a company isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing it. So whether you’re disrupting NASA or pitching your new doughnut-hole filling flavor, I look forward to working with you in February!