Sponsor an Entrepreneur to Attend Startup Weekend Green Bay


Startup Weekend is something that we believe all people should have the opportunity to participate in and experience the rush of building a team around an idea and executing for 54 hours. Designers, Developers & Entrepreneurs from around the area come and create something out of nothing.

While to some $99 or $49 for a student registration may not be much, there are others who would love to participate but may not have the financial means to make that happen.

Sponsor an Entrepreneur

If you’re interested and able to sponsor a participant (or two if they’re students) we encourage you to consider the sponsoring an entrepreneur to attend the event. The sponsorship is $100 and sponsors an adult registration of $99 each or two student registrations at $49 each. You can view the sponsorship packages here and complete the registration at the bottom of the page: http://startupweekend.org/sponsor

If you can help, we’d appreciate your support and we know the benefiting entrepreneurs will too!

Inquire For a Registration Sponsorship

If you want to attend Startup Weekend Green Bay but don’t have the funds to participate we’d love to connect you with an available Entrepreneur Sponsorship so that you can join us in February and grow as an entrepreneur. There’s no telling what relationships, connections and awesome products you’ll make!

To inquire, simply email us at greenbay@startupweekend.org with the subject line: Registration Sponsorship.¬†Make sure to include your Name and a few sentences on why you want to attend Startup Weekend. Once we receive it we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Your registration sponsorship will be completely anonymous to the public and we’d love to have you.

Hope to see you there!