Just Doing It


Congratulations to the Startup Weekend Green Bay teams! Nine teams formed Friday night and have been working hard throughout the weekend on their startup.

  • Wuxtry is the best place to get notification of important local issues.
  • Leagueify is a platform that allows you to create a fantasy league for anything, provided quantifiable data is publicly available. The Olympics, the Oscars, and amount of snow accumulated during the next Snowpocalypse are events just waiting to be Leagueified
  • VigorUs is making Personal Fitness a Team Sport.
  • Mingl¬†allows you to meet singles right now where you are.
  • LingoLit is a mobile app that brings your child’s favorite books to life with interactive translation and language learning tools that help kids and parents learn together.
  • Fans Park Here is an application that allows event attendees to pre purchase parking based on price, location, and amenities. Helping to enhance the overall fan experience
  • Pocket Pantry values in-the-field marketing, simplicity, and making grocery shopping an effortless task.
  • Goods Runner is a peer to peer goods delivery service.
  • Fill In For Me is helping to find someone to work for me.

Good luck on the pitches tonight!